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African Dream Foods

Safari Smoke Seasoning | Made with Smoked Paprika

Safari Smoke Seasoning | Made with Smoked Paprika

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eam Foodseatures:

  • LIKE NOTHING YOU HAVE TASTED - Our Safari Smoke Seasoning is unique and filled with a deep complex flavor. Carefully crafted, our Safari Smoke Seasoning gives your dish all of that good smoky flavor without even having to touch the grill. This seasoning is a must-add to your pantry. With no spice but maximum smoky notes, the Safari Smoke Seasoning adds an immediate depth of flavor to any dish!
  • SPICE UP YOUR LIFE - African Dream Foods has created these flavor combinations to level up your food experience. This is so much more than just a spice, it is a flavor revolution. With our Safari Smoke Seasoning, we aren’t bringing you that blow your head off spice, there is no real spice just maximum flavor. We are more concerned with bringing you a way to enhance your cooking, your takeaways, and even your restaurant meals.
  • HAND-PICKED IN SOUTH AFRICA - We know that the quality of ingredients is the basis of good flavor. So we have made sure that our paprika peppers are hand-picked on fair-trade South African farms and are smoked in-house for up to 48-hours. Peppers are blended with high-quality sea salt, harvested from the cold Atlantic Ocean off the South African West Coast, and some delicious herbs and garlic. Our products are preservative-free, gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, halal-certified, and canola-free.
  • HOT PRODUCTS WITH A HEART - We, at African Dream Foods, are just as passionate about African wildlife as we are about our bold flavors. This is why we have partnered with talented conservation photographers to adorn our labels with some beautiful African animals, to bring awareness to the plight of these animals. Our labels are great, but we wanted to do even more, which is why a portion of the proceeds from every purchase is donated to organizations that support African Wildlife Conservation.
  • WE CARE WHAT YOU THINK - We are humans behind this brand, and we want to hear what you think, what your experience was (good or bad), customer satisfaction is our priority! If you are unhappy with your purchase in any way, please reach out, we will do all we can to help.
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