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Whole Crayfish; One full custard bucket

Whole Crayfish; One full custard bucket

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Crayfish (Tasty Oron, Nigeria CrayFish)

Ever wanted a quality crayfish since you been living abroad. Touring between stores?, nothing but but lower quantity dust and dirty crayfish at a very high price. Hey, same everywhere. We've got you covered.

Introducing the first ever 100% Raw, purest clean and Tasty Crayfish from Nigeria.

Our goal Is to eat tasty & eat Healthy.

Why you would love a Flavor Spice tasty Oron Crayfish;

Texture: 100% Authentic Raw Sweet Oron Crayfish, if you Oron Crayfish you will know what i mean.
Sand free, stone free, shell free, No Weevil, No dust, No dirt.
It is pure and neat.
Easy delivery to your door step
Family size (Full Custard paint bucket)
Power to Change the Taste of you Soup today.

Crayfish is packed with high-quality protein. ...
Crayfish are low in fat and contain only trace amounts of carbohydrates.
Crayfish are high in B Vitamins and minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc and Phosphorous.
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